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Life is getting so expensive and it looks as though it's going to get worse before it gets any better.

But while many do it hard they are those who are working to lighten their load.

Recently we brought you the story about the newly opened Whalers Food Barn at Goolwa.

These community minded folk are thinking "small" with repackaged mini food items designed to help the battlers.

Well it wasn't long before our northern suburb viewers were on the phone and our website telling us about "their" food co-op that was the model for the Goolwa Barn.

The Playford Community Food Co-ops at Smithfield Plains and Elizabeth Downs have been operating for almost a decade with support from Playford Council and like Goolwa the small packets of food are in play.

They buy in bulk and then refill small bags and weigh them. "Big" is a dirty word around here.

And on any one day feed a family of 4 for $5.95 with the co-ops meal packs complete with recipe sheet.

And if that's too pricey for you how about a nutritious meal pack for two adults and two kids for $3.95.

There's weekly food packs for families and if you become a member of the co-op for a one off $10 you get a further 5% off which is banked in your store profile.

That is food at a small cost but another group is providing food and goods for free to people who are genuinely in dire straits.

The Playford Community Fund is only for disadvantaged and vulnerable people.

Chairperson of the community fund Dennis Jarman says, "�we would handle round about 3 and a half to 4 thousand visits a year for people and we provide them with food and things like blankets and sheets. That's roughly 10 or 11 thousand people. That's a hell of a lot, and we get supported by the Commonwealth Government not by the State Government. Mind you we're still trying on that".

Dennis and his wife Joy are ex long term John Martins' staff so retailing is in their blood, just perfect for the wheeling and dealing they have to do to fill the shelves with food and goods to help the poor.

The Jarmans are just two of 45 volunteers at the Playford Council backed fund who are passionate about helping their fellow man and woman.


Playford Community Food Co-op - Smithfield
Smithfield Plains Shopping Centre
Shop 3a, 240 Peachey Road, Smithfield Plains
Telephone: 8254 3641

Playford Community Food Co-op - Elizabeth Downs
Elizabeth Downs Shopping Centre, Shop 5,
34 Hamblyn Road, Elizabeth Downs
Telephone: 8287 4299

Open Monday to Friday (except public holidays.)

Playford Community Fund
2nd Floor, Windsor Building, Elizabeth SA
Telephone: 8255 1599