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We're in tough economic times, and that often means that splurges like new clothes are the first to go but what if you could get new clothes for nothing? Sound impossible?

Well we're going to take one Aussie family and give them a new wardrobe makeover and it's not going to cost a cent by using a new shopping website founded by Liz Courtney and Tonia Port.

"Tonia came over to clean my wardrobe out and she just said 'why aren't you wearing these things' and I said 'well they don't fit me � but I didn't know what to do with them" said Liz.

How different is this site, to other sites like Ebay?

"You actually see something you can click and buy it immediately so it's not an auction, there's no bidding" says Liz.

And there are real bargains. Wedding dresses half price, Sass and Bide jeans down $100 to $70, shoes and handbags at less than half price.

"Now everybody knows that you can't usually find a pair of Jimmy Choos for under about $1000 and these ones are selling on the site for $300. It's a bargain. So if the shoe fits�" says Liz.

Also fitting is the growth of the pre loved market.

Step 1: Clear out the wardrobe
Step 2: Photograph the clothes you're selling and upload them to the website
Step 3: Choose what you want to buy.

The Wardrobe Store website is