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Reporter: Clare Brady

Who gives away a perfectly good house and why? Rahni Chan isn't a real estate agent she simply wants to give away a house. So it's yours if you want it -- all you have to do is transport the dwelling to a new site.

Take a look on the Ziilch website where everything is free and a three- bedroom home is an obvious stand out. Rahni is a developer and saw the merit in the giveaway site. "If you were to build a 10 square house anywhere today, it's roughly about $120,000 plus your land", Rahni said.

"One man's trash is another man's treasure", said Richard Milne who runs Ziilch, the site on which this free house is advertised.

Only a year old the site has recycled 6000 items to new owners. "We support keeping this out of landfill -- and anything that changes hand we know isn't dumped and thrown out on the street -- and it creates a good community feel", Richard said.

There are the usual things; fridges, phones, wheel barrows but some people give away and get the strangest of things. "We've had wedding dresses and dog kennels; we've had a pile of dirt, train sets and a rack of old Ansett seats, complete with logos on the back", Richard said.

Worldwide freebie sites are gaining popularity. On the Swagbucks site, you can earn digital dollars; surfing the web, taking surveys and playing games on line all adds up to points you can use to buy things on line.

There are sites to get free dinners -- Bargain Diner -- and savvy sites that send free product samples to your door.

But as Dr. Brent Coker of Melbourne University's School of Management and Marketing puts it, the net's emerging freebie component is making bargain hunting a 'free-style' sport. "I think free sites do put a new perspective on bargain hunting. We're seeing increasingly more free sites on the internet and giving away products is a very efficient way for recycling to occur", Dr. Coker said.

While a lot of the sites don't make money there's a method in their madness. "Often time there is an agenda for these firms to make money down the track. One method for example is to offer a free service and then once they have enough customers, try and entice these new customers to upgrade to a premium service", Dr. Coker added.

Oh and back to the house -- it already has five hopefuls looking to call it home. But Rahni hasn't decided who gets the key to the door, so the window of opportunity is still open to you all.

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