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It's the bulk buy burger blitz, the gold coin assault to increase market share, membership and sell fast food fast.

And it is the most successful group buying offer ever. In just 24 hours website Scoupon sold half a million Hungry Jacks $2 Whoppers and fries. "Initially when we sat down with Hungry Jacks we were hoping that if we could see a hundred thousand burgers it would be a good outcome. Obviously from our perspective the results have been fantastic", said John Beros from Scoupon.

Hungry Jacks is the first fast food chain to jump on the group buying wagon, and John says more and more big name brands are ditching traditional advertising for an online alternative. "It is going to be the first of a lot of deals dealing with big, national brands. A lot of businesses are getting access to the Scoupon way of promoting their brand is tremendous success", he added.

"Every day all the deals are just so good and you always think you're going to save money, so you just buy them. Before you know it you have so many", said Danielle Bower.

Danielle is a group buying addict. Monitoring the internet each day, she averages five purchases a week and for her, she can now add fast food to the list. "Everyone wants a Whopper and fries every now and then and for two dollars! You can't buy much for two dollars these days but you get a whole meal now for two dollars, so it was a winner", she added.

Last year Australians spent $15.2 billion on takeaway food. Hungry Jacks has 8% of the Australian market, KFC 16.5% and McDonalds, the fast food king, has 19.5%. It's a fight to the last patty -- McDonalds with their $1 cheeseburgers, Oporto ripper deals and now Hungry Jacks is out frying the lot with their $2 whopper and fries.

"Giving something to a greedy person which they might get two or three of at a very cheap price, is clearly a risk", said Ttim Burrows from media website Mumbrella.

He says the introduction of even faster fast food and no limit on how many coupons per person could have serious implications.

"I think the best thing is to subscribe to them so you get the emails. They've got all their side deals and there's something for everyone, everyday", Danielle said.

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