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“GET CULTURED CLASS” with Remedy Bliss
Come & learn Fermentation basics.............this class offers the following;
• 5 hour class
• learn how to make CULTURED VEGETABLES
• learn how to make COCONUT YOGHURT
• learn how to make COCONUT KEFIR
THE CLASS WILL FOCUS ONLY ON FERMENTATION, however there will be a number of variations to each recipe as we go through.
Your tongue will tingle as we TASTE TEST all of the recipes & some of the variations throughout the day. My desire is that this becomes routine in your life, & that fermented food is a staple.
TIME: 10.00am - 4.00pm
WHERE: Box Factory Community Centre, Regent St. South, City (enter Regent St. Sth from Halifax st.)
WHAT TO BRING: Please bring your own lunch. Plenty of taste tests available, & Remedy will provide CULTURED VEGIES to add to your lunch boxes:)
BOOKINGS: Contact Remedy 0428 073 473 or email

Barleymax Cereal – available at Supermarkets

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