Hip And Knee Replacement Scandal


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The implants are manufactured by DePuy which is a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals. Last month they issued a worldwide recall of the faulty parts and already attorneys in the U.S. have started filing law suits against them.

But it's not the first time the company's been forced to fess up to a mistake.

"It was just constant pain there was no relief from it whatsoever, it just wouldn't stop hurting no matter what you did. My knee started to swell quite a bit and because I had the other one done and I had not had that problem with it I thought this isn't right."

And it wasn't... Adelaide mum Lee Walsh recently had her DePuy knee replacement removed after doctors found it to be the cause of her agonising pain.

"When he opened it up they found all these black metal particles floating around in there and he'd never seen it before and he said to me well I've never seen that before I've sent it away for analysis. He said they were aluminium particles floating around."

The company itself has admitted that's been a common complaint with the knee implants and just like the hip implants, they stopped supplying them late last year.

No longer able to work, Lee along with 7 other South Australians is seeking compensation from the manufacturers. Matt Degregorio from Duncan Basheer Hannon lawyers is on the case.

"We believe there are more people out there who are probably in a similar situation who are also suffering and potentially suffering a loss of income through no fault of their own."

There's already a class action underway in the Federal court over the same matter which could mean victory for our local victims.

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