History Test


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Question 1:
When did Captain Cook chart the east coast of Australia?


Question 2:
When did the First Fleet land at Sydney Cove?

Answer 2:
26 January, 1788

Question 3:
Which variety of apple was developed in Australia in 1868?

Answer 3:
The Granny Smith

Question 4:
When was Ned Kelly hanged?

Answer 4:

Question 5:
Who was Australia's first Prime Minister?

Answer 5:
Edmund Barton

Question 6:
What famous defeat on the shores of Turkey in 1915 is commemorated annually on 25 April?

Answer 6:
The Gallipoli campaign

Question 7:
What does ANZAC stand for?

Answer 7:
Australian and New Zealand Army Corps

Question 8:
In what city did Australia's first federal parliament sit?

Answer 8:

Question 9:
What does Qantas stand for?

Answer 9:
Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services

Question 10:
"Tell 'em they're dreamin'" is a famous line from which Australian movie?

Answer 10:
The Castle

Question 11:
In 1912, which plant was declared Australia's national flower?

Answer 11:

Question 12:
In what year did the Japanese bomb Darwin?

Answer 12:

Question 13:
Who was Australia's longest serving Prime Minister?

Answer 13:
Sir Robert Menzies

Question 14:
When was the Australian national flag officially adopted?

Answer 14:

Question 15:
In 1984, Advance Australia Fair officially replaced what song as Australia's national anthem?

Answer 15:
God Save the Queen

Question 16:
Who was the famous Indigenous campaigner for Native Title Rights?

Answer 16:
Eddie Mabo

Question 17:
Where does a dog sit on the tuckerbox?

Answer 17:
Five miles from Gundagai

Question 18:
Which Prime Minister mysteriously disappeared off the Victorian coast in 1967?

Answer 18:
Harold Holt

Question 19:
Who is the current Australian of the year?

Answer 19:
Geoffrey Rush

Question 20:
Pauline Hanson was the leader of which political party?

Answer 20:
One Nation