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Those who use Rapigel say it's Australia's best-kept secret for treating the pain of arthritis, aching muscles, even migraines.

The crazy thing about this magical goo is that it's made for animals yet it's humans who can't get enough of Rapigel.

"When I say I use Rapigel for horses they go excuse me and I just say yep try it," says Australian lawn bowls champion Rina Bradbrook.

Hawthorn footy legend Shane Crawford used Rapigel to treat tendonitis in his knees and it's also a big hit with elite lawn bowlers.

"I find before I play bowls if I've got back aches or shoulder just stiffness from playing constantly rub it in and it eases it very quickly and what I like about it doesn't smell bad so people don't know that you've got on,'' Rina said.

Rina's husband Ian, a top line bowler until forced to retire last year has been using it for 15 years and claims it even helps relieve head aches.

And it's made a huge difference in premier grade bowler Ron Coglan's life. He could barely walk after a serious road accident many years ago.

"It keeps me going, I used to go and get remedial massage weekly for about 8 yrs and it was costing me a fortune and the last 5 yrs I've been using this and I'm probably better than what I was when I was getting weekly massages,' Ron said.

At Danny Woosnam's Semaphore fodder store Rapigel walks off the shelves almost as quick as he can replenish his stocks. He has to keep reminding people it's made for animals.

Those who use Rapigel say what makes it so effective is its super-strength anti-inflammatory properties and rapid action. It's active ingredients are menthol and camphor, which acts like a mild anaesthetic.

"You rub it on and it's good and within 10 mins you feel the heat going through your body and then that's great," Rina says.

Virbac, the makers of Rapigel declined to talk to us about human use of their product. They tell us it is registered as a muscle and joint-relieving product for horses and dogs only and cannot advise on its use by humans as there has been no research in this area.

However you can get a cream which contains similar ingredients to Rapigel that has been clinically-proven for human use. It is Oz Health's Arthritis and pain relieving cream which comes with a money-back guarantee.

"It's very safe and very effective and people will feel from first application an improvement," Oz Health CEO Magdy Eskander says.

Eighty five year old Eva Pettigrew uses the cream every day. She says it has changed her life and no longer has to rely on pain-relieving drugs for her Arthritis.

I swear by it it's absolutely fantastic. I know if I'm going to go for a long walk if I rub my knee I'm pain free for the rest of the day and I can also walk a kilometre either every day or every other day," sprightly Eva says.

The cream's unique formula also contains glucosamine and chondroitin and Magdy says it's far more effective than taking oral products with those ingredients.

The good thing is it's a natural product. It does not affect any other medication people are taking,' says Magdy.

Oz Health Arthritis pain relief cream is available from pharmacies and health stores.
Rapigel costs $18 for a jar and is sold through fodder stores and veterinarians.