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"We waited all day for the results and when it came back, the doctors were there waiting in the ward (cries) and called us to the room and said your daughter has Hodgkins Lymphoma."

For nine months eight year old Annaliese Borg was in and out of hospital.

"Honestly just felt like you'd just been run over by a train. You know like you're gutless.” Said Pauline & Tony
“You think 'is this for real? Have they made a mistake?” Asked Adene.

Therapy has left its mark but Annaliese is making a remarkable recovery her resilience has surprised even mum and dad, Pauline and Tony.

"She was a brave little girl she took it so well. Done her chemo, done everything she made my life, our life so much easier she'd do her chemo, she'd come home, and she's fine and I'm just like 'oh' she was a little fighter, but right at the beginning she was very traumatised."

The doctors can't claim all the credit for Annaliese's recovery the Make A Wish Foundation has played it's part too.

A - I'm going to put the feature wall up there.”
AC - Yeah
A – “The wall behind it then maybe the desk, that speaker's on there. And that's the mirror.”
AC - Make sure you keep the speakers up really loud so your brothers won't come in
A –“Yeah”
AC – “Yeah that's a good idea"

"Were you surprised at her wish because most kids want to go to movie world? So were you surprised when she came up with a bedroom renovation you know most kids want to go to movie world or a holiday.” Asked Adene.

Yes she was like 'oh mum, I want a new bathroom and I want this and I want that' and I said oh well, she goes 'I'm making my wish I'm going to ask that'. And I said fine don't you want anything else - is there anything? 'No, I love singing and I love that and I'm going to ask for my wish." Said Pauline

Now thanks to 2Day FM and renovation show House Rules
Annaliese will get her wish almost overnight, renovators Steve, Michelle, Nick and Chris, are going to transform her bedroom and bathroom.

The team knows they're dealing with a very fussy client, the brief is very specific, pink, pink and more pink.

“Please use my favourite colour pink, create a bathroom fit for a princess, make a space where I can sing and dance, I love my bed please keep it. Please work together and have fun.
“Ooh that the fifth rule's going to be the hardest one.” Said Nick

They have just 24 hours to get the job done!

“So how important do you think that wish has been to her recovery?” Asked Adene
“Oh, major, it's, it's been her focus point, really.” Said Pauline

There is no mortgage prize for this renovation a smile will be a big enough reward.

"What do you think?” Asked Adene
“Good ... amazing ... pretty.” Said Annaliese
“Let's just have a look and make sure these House Rules people got this right.” Said Adene
“Did they get it right Annaliese? Are you sure? How would you mark them out of ten?” Asked Adene
“Ten" Said Annaliese.