House Rules winners


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They were just your average Aussie couple and now they're the envy of the nation.

In the nail biting live grand final of House Rules, South Australia's Carly and Leighton beat NSW contestants Michelle and Steve in a public vote to win the ultimate prize... Their $460 thousand dollar mortgage, wiped clean.

It's a homeowners dream too good to be true, but for the SA team it's now very real...

"That was the first bit I’ve seen of if, we are so lucky," says Carly.

Still delirious with excitement, we caught up with the couple at their Warradale home this morning. It's life changing for the flight attendant and carpenter… Something they're still coming to terms with...

"To have your mortgage paid off I mean you're free, you can do what you like, it's the Australian dream that everyone works their whole life to get, and 33 and 32 we've got it... It's still sinking in," says Leighton.

And while the five other couples still have a mortgage to pay, they don't walk away empty handed either...

"Every contestant’s a winner as soon as you come on House Rules you get your house renovated, tick, that's done already, it's unbelievable… the other contestants are all really happy, we know that," says Leighton & Carly.

For Carly and Leighton, starting a family is still at the top of their list.

"Definitely, what time is it? We need to share this time with friends and family first then we'll move onto that and Australia has given us the opportunity to be able to do that without struggling, like Australians do these days, we'll be forever grateful," says Carly.

Having only seen a couple of episodes of the show, tonight they plan to relax with friends and family and watch the season in full.

"It will really sink in when we get to watch the show tonight with our family and friends at our house that will be special for us, to see what Australia saw and why they voted for us and changed our life forever," says Carly.