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The supermarket fruit scandal mixing imports with locally grown - what are you really buying?

ALDI Response to Channel 7

ALDI Australia is committed to providing our customers with high-quality fresh produce at incredibly low prices. We only source products from overseas when we can’t find the product, quality, efficiency or innovation we seek here in Australia.

Due to seasonal changes, ALDI sources its lemons from the USA from November to January. There is a transition period at both the start and the end of this season, where ALDI sells lemons sourced from both Australia and the USA. During this time, ALDI’s price cards advise our customers the lemons are sourced from both countries. Information about the country of origin is printed on the rear of each pack.

At all other times, ALDI’s lemons are labeled as either grown in Australia or the USA, depending on the season. While ALDI does not own or operate the farms that supply our lemons, Citrus Grove is an exclusive brand to ALDI Australia.

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