Keogh Insurance Evidence


Story Details

Much has been made of the circumstantial insurance evidence which was used in the prosecution of Henry Keogh in 1995. There are many misunderstandings in the public's mind about this evidence and what was presented to the court by the prosecution was in many ways misleading.

This story addresses many of those misunderstandings. It includes evidence to show that there was no doubt Anna Jane Cheney knew of the insurance policies and therefore approved of Henry Keogh signing her name on the policy documents. It shows the amount insured was not $1.2 million dollars but at the most $400,000 which represented cover over both Keogh and Anna Jane's lives. The story also provides evidence that Keogh made no secret of the policies, that the family knew as did the police when they asked about the insurance. Keogh also volunteered the fact that he had signed the policies.

Aside from the insurance emphasis was also placed on the two so-called "affairs" Keogh had had prior to the death of Anna Jane Cheney. What the court wasn't told and what the defence was never given access to was Anna Jane's medical history. Today Tonight has known for some years that Anna Jane had a pregnancy test before her death and was relieved that the result was negative. The reason for her relief could well have been that Henry Keogh had had a vasectomy well before the met. It could not have been Keogh who might have made her pregnant. This was evidence which may have removed some of the prejudice by which Keogh's conduct was judged.

Disclosure of all evidence to the defence is an essential feature of a fair trial. This has clearly not been the case in the trials of Henry Keogh.