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Tonight ... The health of our justice system... It’s the least tangible, but possibly the most defining test of a fair society...

Under the microscope is the work of the former Chief of the South Australian Forensic Centre responsible for crucial evidence in a string of major criminal investigations.

Incredibly, the head man, Doctor Colin Manock lacked the proper qualifications for the job and although authorities knew of his short comings little was done to guard against critical errors being made.

And senior doctors and lawyers now say errors were made in many cases including the controversial trials which led to Henry Keogh being jailed for the murder of his young fiance Anna Jane Cheney.

We will reveal startling evidence in that case that has never been tested... As well as the break down in procedures over the past thirty years that has lawyers and politicians calling for a Royal Commission into the justice system.

When Henry Keogh was found guilty of murder, a number of crucial matters played a role... The first of which, is what really happened on the tragic night his fiance was found dead.

The cause of death put forward by Dr Manock at the trials was challenged, but never as vigorously as now.

Lawyers investigating the case have put the theory to the test and they say the results just can't be ignored

Rohan Wenn has this special report.


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“Fraudulent" is not a word used lightly in court... But that'