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Like most who take on the Dancing with the Stars challenge, Kerrie-Anne has shed the kilos, making a simple, no-nonsense diet part of her routine.

After five weeks of rehearsals and a special diet, Kennerly. nailed her Dancing With The Stars debut, while looking leaner and showing more energy than she's had in years.

Kennerly has never sweated or worked like this in her life, but thanks to her role in Dancing with the Stars she's rediscovered an energy she thought had abandoned her, and she's working on a dream to lose weight.

"I love life. I go out., I have fun. I have parties, I eat canapes. I eat anything I want and drink anything I want, which is why I have never been able to lose five kilos," Kennerly said.

To get her into shape for Dancing with the Stars, Kennerly's partner Carmello has put her on a diet and exercise program.

She says it's so simple, anyone can do it.

"I've never been one to weigh myself over the years, because it's simply too depressing, but I have been. This is the first time I have ever, ever, ever, ever admitted this on television - I got myself to 74 kilos, and I've lost a couple of kilos in the past couple of weeks, and it was easy. I didn't even try," she said.

Carmello says "I've got Kerrie-Anne eating five good meals a day, and just having enough proteins, good fats, vegetables, fruits, yoghurts, so she's really fuelling her body to take her throughout the day."

Not everyone has a dance partner or trainer with them eight hours a day, and not everyone can spend hour upon hour exercising to lose weight, but Kennerley's new diet is so easy, everyone can do it.

"I believe they can. It takes preparation, and I'm lucky to be able to follow Carmello on a daily basis. But it's something you have to decide to do three or four days a week, if not seven. If you can do it over a few months, there isn't any question - you will get results," she said.

"This is something people can do at home, very simply."

Now sitting third on the leader board, Kennerly plans to continue her lifestyle change and to see her go the distance, she urges others to do the same.

Kerry-Anne's diet plan

Mixed Berries and yoghurt (smooth) with rolled oats, protein powder and water.
Brown or wholemeal toast, smoked salmon, a boiled or poached egg and avocado.


Brown rice salad: One cup brown rice, mixed lentils, corn, mixed beans, tabouli and some tuna or salmon pieces. Stirred and served.


Steamed fish with steamed vegetables.
Chicken and salad.




Three litres of water per day.
Restrict alcohol to two glasses every two to three days. Make alcohol a treat, not the norm.


30 minutes of exercise or walking per day.