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Childrens’ birthday parties are no longer about balloons and lolly bags... Parents are rolling out the red carpet to give their kids an experience they'll never forget.

Mum Michelle Nelson wanted to surprise her daughter Millie with a 10th birthday party like no other.

"It's something that's different, it's not the usual McDonalds or Pizza Hut or going to the movies, it's something a bit out there," says Michelle.

While the stretch limo is usually reserved for formals and weddings, Sean Dunning from Pure Envy says the pink hummer is becoming increasingly popular for kids parties.

"It gives them a grown up option for their birthday,” says Sean.

“It's something they'll remember and being Millies 10th birthday, we wanted to make it a memorable, making double figures, wanted to make it a memorable night,” says Michelle.

And everyone is looking to do something different.

Hair dresser and mum Marcella Lastra saw there was a need for new party ideas.

"All they think about it my mum never lets me do this at home this is my one opportunity to get into this stuff and not get in trouble," says Marcella.

She started the Little Lolita parties six months ago.

"The idea behind it is to do a creative workshop the girls learn skills such as making jewellery, putting make up on, wearing wigs, stepping outside the square a little bit," says Marcella.

Swapping the traditional face paint for make-up.

And the make-up and pampering party has received the thumbs up from parents.

"Isabela at home she'll watch me put my make-up and nail polish on for her it's using her imagination and exploring what she'll be doing in the future."

As for the kids, it seems they are wanting something more grown up.

Mum Caroline Burns loved the cooking party idea.

"I think kids are exposed to a lot more now so they probably are looking for more variety than what we had when we were growing up… the kids have done cooking classes during the holidays when I found they did cooking parties I knew that was exactly what Sophie wanted to do," says Caroline.

Robyn Lee has been hosting the birthday parties for eight months.

"They are very hands on, they are engaged, they get to have a lot of fun they get to do something together," says Robyn.

Including making the party food themselves... Even the cake.