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WHAT: KinderChefs
(Cooking lessons for little chefs aged 3 - 5 with parents)

WHO: Michelle Campbell (Chef) & Jacqui Yeo (Teacher)
Michelle: 0421 484 416
Backup no: 0408 197 036

1 hour Term and Holiday classes
Each lesson is $20 and students are enrolled for 1 term. The cost of each lesson includes the use of:
Organic produce
Chef Hats
All cooking utensils
Plus all recipes given out at end of each lesson


Our Food Philosophy

At KinderChefs we offer cooking classes to children in a safe environment that encourages independent discovery and creativity.

While learning food preparation skills is the main ingredient, each class adds a heap of kitchen safety, a scoop of etiquette and respect, a handful of music, a pinch of geography & history and laughter to taste!!

Encourage your child to become a confident and respectful minichef!

KinderChef Kitchen strives to source local organic* produce with minimal environmental impact to reduce our carbon imprint on this precious planet.

We are very sensitive to your childs' particular needs and understand we may need to accommodate particular dietary and allergy requirements.

Our kitchen is a nut-free environment and the recipes have been altered to become as sugar free as possible.

We pride ourselves on producing great fun food and aim to use minimal preservatives and additives.

All recipes will be available to take home with you at the end of the lesson.

If your child has dietary needs please contact our chef Michelle to arrange an alternative food option for the lesson.

  • whilst every attempt is made to use organic produce, this is subject to availability.