Lyn Dawson Cold case


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For 31 years this man has refused to answer one critical question.
Lyn Dawson has been missing since January 1982. Her husband Chris was the last person to see her alive, he claims to be the only person to have heard from her since. But this story is about a football glamour boy his wife who mysteriously disappeared and the pretty schoolgirl he groomed seduced and married.
An investigation full of twists and turns!

Lyn Dawson was a loving mother of two girls married to a professional rugby league player and model Chris Dawson it seemed an idyllic relationship.

"She was fun loving she was out for a bit of uhm adventure. She was the organiser in her family. At the time of her disappearance she was actually arranging my mum's 60th birthday at her place, it was going to be a surprise birthday party.” Said Lyn Dawson’s brother Greg

Her brother Greg Simms and Lyn's family knew nothing of the darkness inside what appeared to be a perfect union. By late 1981 The Dawson’s were having major problems brought about by husband Chris.
A PE teacher at Cromer high school on Sydney's Northern Beaches he'd begun a steamy relationship with a student Joanne Curtis.

“It was coming up to exam time and Chris wanted her to come and stay at their place so she could study for her exams and my sister didn't want it but he had his way and she also did some babysitting for them." Said Greg

The 16 year old schoolgirl was completely under Chris Dawson's spell. But what Dawson didn't know was these events would come back to haunt him.

A coronial inquest into Lyn Dawson’s disappearance was told that just before she vanished Chris Dawson had started plying his wife with alcohol, she was not a big drinker and often went to bed groggy. This allowed Dawson to enjoy his teenage lover inside his home. But in January 1982 things changed Lyn Dawson was about to vanish without a trace.
Detective sergeant Damian Loone has spent 16 years trying to crack the Lyn Dawson case astounded at the obvious inconsistencies. Like these sketches of her daughters she commissioned just before she disappeared, hardly the actions of a woman desperate to do a runner.

Chris Dawson told police his wife had contacted him to explain her vanishing act.
But within days of his wife's disappearance he moved his teenage lover into the family home.

He told her in words that Lyn's gone, she's not coming back. Come and live with me and the girls at Bayview, yet that's weeks before he reported her missing?

“It took Dawson 6 weeks to tell police his wife was missing and he's only reported her missing at the insistence of my mother who said you have to report her missing and I believe she gave him a photo of her to take down to the police station." Said Greg

Lyn Dawson has never been seen alive since. Then two coronial inquests found she'd been murdered by someone she knew and charges should be laid against that person, Joanne Curtis who married Chris Dawson and then left him also gave bombshell evidence about Dawson .

Joanne also told the coroner she accompanied her older lover to a pub or club, Dawson leaves her in the car as he's looking for a contract killer.

She gave that evidence quite clearly in court that she was present when they went to a location somewhere in the Sydney area for the purpose of Chris Dawson obtaining a hit man to kill his wife.
And he came back outside and said to her 'I can't go ahead with it, innocent people might get hurt' which seems extremely strange to us, thinking about hurting people when he wants someone killed.

We're at the pool area on the premises where we intend this morning to dig with the possibility of a body being buried in this area.
Police and an anthropologist dug up a small area in the Dawson's back yard in 2002, 21 years after the event. They found a women's jumper in five pieces, the jumper clearly showed it had been slashed and stabbed 16 times.
DNA proved to be female blood but it was too contaminated to make a positive match with Lyn Dawson. Her body was never found and her husband Chris Dawson remains a prime suspect.

"Chris Dawson has now set up a new life here on the Gold Coast. He's the property maintenance manager at a large ritzy gated community on the outskirts of Surfers Paradise. Twice he refused to give evidence at the inquest into the disappearance of his wife Lyn.
“Mr Dawson, can I ask you a couple of questions please David Richardson from Today Tonight."

And 31 years on the secretive Chris Dawson is still tight lipped, pleading ignorance.

“Mr Dawson did you kill your wife.” Asked David
Then can you tell me where she is? Can you tell us where your wife is Mr Dawson?”
31 years is a long time to keep a secret.
“Where is she Mr Dawson? You're the only person that she has contacted yet the person she wanted to get away from?” Said David
“Oh rubbish.” Said Chris

For Lyn Dawson's family the silence from her husband is deafening
especially brother Greg an ex-policeman.

"How frustrating has this been?” Asked David
“Extremely over 30 odd years. We need some sort of closure like any family in this situation, we also need to put her to rest." Said Greg

"Are you confident you can solve this?” Asked David
“Absolutely I'm confident and there is no doubt in my mind before my last breath this WILL be solved." Said Greg