Matt the Rat


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Matt the rat has lived the high life all over the world for the past five years all at other people's expense & seemingly out of the reach of the law.

Matthew Nair and his partner Jessica make their money by selling kit homes that don't exist. Extracting tens of thousands of dollars from their victims and then never delivering.

And Nair had a pattern… As soon as the heat was on he would leave the country. He had already skipped out on a 400 thousand dollar fine from Queensland fair trading. In 2010 we had to lure him back to Australia from Thailand with juicy bait... The chance to rip off customers wanting buy a franchise in his company.

After that sting Nair fled to America where he set up shop & it's believed he continued fleecing more victims to fund his luxurious lifestyle in Las Vegas.

It seemed no one could touch Nair who always one step ahead of authorities… But he didn't count on Adelaide pensioners Bernard and Rita Egan who persisted with a civil case against him.
They were a thorn in his side.

Flying back into the country to deal with their civil action Nair didn't realise the Egans had also convinced Queensland Police to take an interest... Police pounced seizing his passport.

Nair was trapped... We caught up with him again as he tried to convince the court to give him and his partner in crime Jessica Wilson their passports back.

Nair is now looking to settle his debt with the Egans but it's too late… Police in Queensland have now charged Nair with several counts of fraud relating to numerous complainants... But they are still looking for more victims so they can lay extra charges.


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