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It was a brand new car but look at it now... Mazda claims arson but the firies blame the car.

Mazda is unable to answer your specific questions, as the matter is the subject of an insurance claim.

Mazda will respond to any findings of the insurer at the appropriate time.

We do note, as a gesture of goodwill and without any admission of liability, Mazda provided a courtesy car to assist Jade to get to university and continue her studies without interruption. Jade has had this car since 10 September 2015.

Mazda is not aware of any similar events of this nature with a Mazda2 vehicle.

Our advice to Jade is that she is entitled to a new Replacement Vehicle, or a cash settlement of the Market Value of the vehicle, if she claims through her SGIC policy.

As a result of initial inspections of the damaged vehicle by our SGIC Assessment Team we were unable to determine where the fire started due to the extent of the damage. However to assist Jade in making a decision as to whether or not she wishes to accept the SGIC entitlements under her Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Policy, we have commissioned an external Fire Investigation Report. A specialist Fire Investigator has been appointed and authorised to inspect the vehicle and provide SGIC with a detailed report.

As SGIC has not been privy to conversations and dealings between the manufacturer of the vehicle and our customer, we are unable to make a make a comment on the nature of those discussions.

In light of this situation SGIC has informed Jade that in relation to her claim we will be waiving her excess of $1,000 and that her claim will have no future impact on her entitlement to a No Claims discount with SGIC.

The SGIC team remains committed to assisting Jade however we can to ensure she gets back on the road as soon as possible.


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