Medical marijuana fight


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Jaylene Siery would do anything for her daughter, including breaking the law everyday by feeding her child home-made cannabis oil... But now Jaylene is in big trouble.

The medical marijuana advocate was raided and her stock of cannabis oil for her disabled daughter taken away & her small stash of marijuana plants to make her oil, ripped out.

Within two days of baby Larisa being born, her mum Jaylene knew there were problems but, the list is truly unbelievable...

"She's deaf and blind, she has pan-hypo-pituitarism, unable to make hormones, she's got cerebral palsey, irritractible epilepsy and is also developmentally delayed,” explains mum Jaylene.

For her first two years baby Larisa suffered up to 80 epileptic seizures a day, was in and out of doctors’ surgeries and was constantly undergoing tests and endless medications… That was until a year ago when Jaylene tried her on cannabis oil...

The results were startling...

"Now she's having 4 or 5 a week, a lot shorter, and we have not been back to the hospital since being on the cannabis oil other than for other check-ups. She's eating again, she's got quality of life, she's awake for more than 2 hours a day and we've got her off all the opiates, all the epileptic medications. Larisa's stopped putting on weight and we're not visiting doctors for tests every two days… The list just goes on," says Jaylene.

Twice a day, every day, Jaylene adds 5 mils of a specially prepared cannabis oil to her baby's bottle of milk... Almost immediately after starting this unusual treatment, Larisa responded but Jaylene never expected to feel the heavy hand of the law.

“I have not been doing this behind closed doors, all of Larisa's doctors have been aware, we've been in the media and people are well aware of what we're doing," says Jaylene.

Now Jaylene's partner Pete has been forced from the family home. Jaylene has to undergo compulsory drug tests and she's been charged with supplying and cultivating a minor with an illegal substance, possession of a prohibited substance and being an accessory to witness cannabis growing in the back yard.

Far from stopping Jaylene, the police raids have firmed her resolve. She's now getting the cannabis oil from a growing army of supporters and she's taken the fight onto Facebook... Pushing for parents of children like Larisa to have a chance.

“I want growers to have rights, parents not to feel worried about doing what's best for their child, I want these kids to have their medication and police to leave us alone. All we're trying to do is be the best parents we can be for Larisa and if that means doing something that’s so called illegal, we're going to keep doing it.” Says Jaylene.

Jaylene will face court early next month and we'll bring you an update on her fight after she appears.