MH370 compensation


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‪Almost two years since the disappearance of MH-370, victims’ families have been dealt a scandalous blow.


Today Tonight attempted to contact Malaysian Airlines in Kuala Lumpur via email before the story was aired. We did not receive a response. However their Australian public relations company sent us this statement today:

The Administrator of Malaysian Airline System Berhad (“MAS”) wishes to reiterate MAS’ continued commitment to uphold all its obligations to those affected by the MH370 tragedy, in accordance with applicable International Conventions and law.

MAS has on numerous occasions kept all next-of-kin (“NOK”) informed of the two-year limitation period under the Montreal Convention, which in the case of MH370 ends on 8 March 2016, in order to ensure that those affected take the necessary steps to preserve their legal rights.

To date, the Administrator has granted a total of 96 requests from NOK to commence legal proceedings. No requests have been rejected. In addition, 42 NOK have collected full compensation.

MAS remains committed to continue engaging the NOK in good faith with regard to ensuring a fair and equitable compensation. MAS has insurance coverage in place to meet its obligation to pay compensation to NOK as per its obligations under applicable International Conventions and law.

MAS would like to strongly encourage all NOK who have yet to file their claims to do so by 8 March 2016.