Mick Gatto and Cathy Jayne


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Everyone wants a piece of Mick Gatto� from his enemies� to people he doesn't even know.

"I just like to live a nice quiet life and mind my own business and do my thing but it's not going to happen. I am going to be driven mad. I get driven mad for autographs, photos� I try to be a gentleman. I don't like it but I get embarrassed. What do you do!" Mick says.

Well he cops it. Mr. Gatto's dodged punches, bullets, beaten a murder wrap�. but now the former pugilist linked to Melbourne gangsters caught in the deadly crossfire of a bloody underworld feud, is feeling a little uneasy about his instant celebrity status.

"My name is thrown around every night of the week. I get sick of it. I get People ringing up saying I heard you're going to blow up my house� nothing I can do about it� the only thing I can do about it is try and get to the source and give them a foot up the arse,"Mick says.

"I am quite shocked to be honest, I shouldn't say shocked because it happens every day of the week. I'll be honest, my name gets thrown everywhere. People use it to their advantage for whatever reason and to be honest I am just sick of it," continued Mick.

In his sights now, legally speaking that is, is failed Adelaide property queen Cathy Jane Pearce who, it will be alleged by police, claimed to have had Mick Gatto in her car when she went looking for an Adelaide businessman, Stephen Miller, who Pearce claims still owes her money over the botched sale of her mansion 'The Myrtles' last year. Mr Miller had originally offered around $5 million for the property. The deal later fell through and it was re-sold for almost $2 million less. Since then Cathy Jayne has been pursuing Mr Miller for the short fall while at the same time avoiding the many investors who lost money on her various building projects.

Mick says: "Her name means nothing to me. I've never heard of her. I just can't believe that someone could do that, especially if she's a high profile person that you say she is. She must be pretty silly to be throwing my name around."

Cathy's Jayne's stand-over attempt forms part of statements Mr. Miller's shaken family gave to police, who later charged her with stalking. Media reports then suggested police wanted to question Mick Gatto on the phone but the burly heavyweight, who makes a legitimate living as a mediator in all types of disputes says, they'll be wasting their time and taxpayers money. He hasn't been to Adelaide in over a year and has a bullet-proof alibi.

"In the last eight to ten years I've been under surveillance 24 hours a day. Had me under surveillance many years and if I was doing anything wrong or jumping outside boundaries, I guarantee one thing, I'd be locked up," says Mick.

Three years ago he walked free after being acquitted of murdering notorious underworld hit man Andrew "Benji" Veniamin during a gunfight in a Melbourne restaurant. The TV series 'Underbelly' has propelled him to prominence, now bodyguards shadow him wherever he goes.

And Mick's thoughts on being tagged an underworld figure? "It's a stigma that's surrounded me and I have to live with it. No underworld figure in me. I tick along and do my own little thing. I am pretty well known and I've got a lot of friends. If that's what they call an underworld figure well I've got to cop that tag."

Mr. Gatto says in his line of work he wins some and loses some, but don't ever call him a stand over merchant.

"It's not the way I conduct business. We do it in a gentlemanly way. We sit down with people and try and reach a happy medium. No one is ever stood over. If I ever did that I'd be locked up," he explained.

As for Cathy Jayne Pearce, Mr. Gatto's going to fix her his way.

"She'll get a right whack and I say that legally. But leave me out of it, please."

Mr. Gatto's lawyers also sent Holden Hill police a letter telling them what he's told us - that he doesn't know Cathy Jane Pearce - and that he's concerned slanderous claims would be made against him and leaked to the media without anybody checking with him first.

We did try to contact Cathy Jayne Pearce and her husband Myles about the police report and the charge she's facing but they have not responded� except for some unrepeatable expletives!

As for the man at the centre of the dispute, Stephen Miller, he told us he has been bombarded with hundreds of nasty emails from the Pearces and he's still getting them.

Mr. Gatto meanwhile has some advice for wannabe name droppers� don't use his.