Miracle Baby update


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A 1st birthday party... Fit for a princess...

For Georgia Amelia Rose... Yesterday's celebration was all about the cake... Of course... ((messy cake hands))

But for mum and dad... She's a special miracle that may have never been.

And it's little wonder they're still both so emotional… They'd been trying for a baby for almost twenty years

“She just brings so much love and joy and happiness and wonder and delight,” says Kathy.

After countless agonising rounds of IVF, Roger and Kathy Kuchel, one year ago tomorrow, welcomed their little girl to the world…

“And she's perfect, greatest moment in our lives - yep - we are a family now, a family of three,” says

And what makes this family bond extra special, is Georgia was their final hope, they managed to defy all biological odds.

“She's been the absolute joy of our lives. We're so lucky, we haven't touch wood haven't had any health issues with her or anything like that and she's always happy and so patient… no it's been an absolute blessing in disguise,” says Roger.

55 years old and still breastfeeding, Kathy's taken it all in her stride.

“I don't think she's hard work at all. I enjoy every minute of it,” says Kathy.

And Roger, almost 60, now with two women in the house, certainly knows his place.

“It's been quite a bit of a challenge I suppose. All the feeding habits and things, I mean Georgia's the boss... what she says goes but as I said we try and work around her,” says Roger.

It is and always will be all about Georgia... But after an inspiring 20 year labour of love, why wouldn't it be?