Mobile Phone Dangers


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We first met Anna Tarrant two weeks ago in the lead up to her surgery. Today is D Day, on the surface she looks relaxed, but her jokes mask a deep fear.

Anna's tumour is literally sitting on the side of her brain just here above her ear so it's not difficult to find, the problem is it's embedded in that part of the brain that controls the left hand side of the body so its removal is extremely sensitive.

While preparing Anna for the critical surgery Dr Charlie Teo explains that he is seeing an increase in tumours around the ear in an area that used to be rare for tumours.

"Even though we've never proven there's a link between mobile phone usage and brain tumours it does seem a little bit suspicious that we are getting a higher incidence of insular gliomas with more mobile phone usage, the two seem to go hand in hand," Dr Teo said.

It doesn't take long for Dr Teo to find Anna's tumour, the delicate removal takes an hour.

Less than 48 hours later we visited Anna, not knowing what to expect.

"I'm so relieved I can't even begin to express how relieved I feel and how lucky I feel to still be here.

I was absolutely terrified I don't think I ever felt so scared in my life," Anna said.
Anna still faces a battle. Her left hand is numb and she's in a lot of pain. Soon she will find out if the tumour is cancerous, if it is she'll undergo chemotherapy.

It is almost inevitable that the small part of tumour left in her brain will grow back.
"If that's all I have to worry about at the moment I've come out of this a really really lucky person.

I've made the decision that I'm going to raise awareness about this mobile usage," Anna said.

Dr Teo's tips on reducing the danger of speaking regularly on the mobile are to use an ear piece or even better only text or use it on speaker phone.

"I don't mind being proven wrong in ten years time, but it would be terrible if I didn't make a statement now about a personal concern and a worry and we find in 10 years there is a causative link between mobile phones and brain cancer," Dr Teo said.

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