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"You can't see it you can't smell it you can't hear it but it does do damage." Says Aaron.

"It is one of the few products we've tested of this type that actually does what it claims to do," says Chris.

"It's all about reducing the radiation these mobiles are emitting and taking the precautionary and safety measures that you can.

We rely on them work on them talk on them....with more than 24 million mobile phones in Australia... there's more mobiles than people.....But as the numbers build so too does the evidence pointing to damaging effects of long-term mobile phone use.

"I believe there's a link," says Bruce Armstrong.

"I honestly believe I'm in this position right now with this tumour because I've overused my phone" says Anna on her way to surgery.

"I personally feel there is a link between mobile phone usage and the genesis of brain tumours," says Teo.

And so now there's a battle to get the newest high-tech radiation reduction devices out for sale.

"Instead of the radiation going into your body it deflects it away from your body in that way you get less radiation," says Aaron.

Cellsafe is the latest to hit the market...inventor Aaron Leibovich has spent a year and more than $70,000 developing the device....A cover that fits the most popular phone on the market the IPhone 4.

"Inside the silicone case is a module, in that module is a deflective antennae redirecting the signals to outside," says Aaron.

Aaron bought the device here to EMC Technologies it's the only independent lab that can test for mobile phone radiation they found in the 3g band Cellsafe deflects 42 percent of the radiation and in the 2g band 74 percent of the radiation away from the ear but Technical director Chris Zombolas found another use for the device.

"It is one of the few devices of this type that we've tested that shows both a reduction in exposure to the user while at the same time improving the performance of the phone," says Chris.

That means less dropouts armed with his test results Aaron tried to get interest from mobile phone distributors.

"They didn't want to hear about the product because they told me, not in writing just on the phone, because it's a conflict of interest and the telephone companies wouldn't be happy for them to sell such products," says Aaron.

"The mobile companies are cashing in right now whilst they play with people's lives but because it's not an epidemic yet they don't feel the need to start heading down that track yet," says Anna.

Anna Tarrant underwent life threatening brain surgery last year to remove a tumour, which she believes grew from her heavy mobile phone usage.

"You always think its never going to happen to you but reality is it has happened to me," Anna said when she was going into surgery.

Her neurosurgeon Dr Charlie Te is seeing an increase in tumours around the ear. "If you look specifically just at tumours in the ear area the incidence is two and a half times higher in heavy mobile phone users".

Five months on Anna has defied predictions of paralysis and is back at work as a recruitment consultant at Adecco, her job requires a mobile phone.

"Lets face it, no-one is going to go and throw their mobile in the bin its not going to happen so I guess its looking at ways people can use their mobiles whilst protecting themselves the best way they can," says Anna.

Anna is now an ambassador for Cellsafe which retails for 50 dollars she will receive a dollar from every cover sold to help with her ongoing medical expenses.

"You might have the trendiest looking cover but none of them not one product on the market is offering a reduction in radiation," explains Anna.

"What's your message to people watching this story tonight?" asks Laura.

"Everyone thinks it's not going to happen to them. For the sake of 50 dollars, if you can protect your family members and loved ones, then I really don't think it's much of a price to pay for peace of mind".

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