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It's the hide and seek cash grab that's supposed to slow you down.
On the outside they look like tradesman's utes, but on the inside, they're covert to speed cameras, raking in millions in state revenue.

They're the latest weapon in the police's speed camera arsenal and tonight is the proof they're getting it horribly wrong.

Time after time after time, motorists like Jason Scicluna's are being incorrectly fined hundreds of dollars in one foul flash.

"I have never seen a more blatant cheat in my life and I can't believe the Queensland Police Camera Office would get the adjudication of that photo so wrong", said anti speed camera and road safety campaigner, Scott Cooper.

Scott hasn't seen a stuff up like it. "Stevie Wonder could see that one was wrong, certainly no trained person in the camera office would look at that and say that man is guilty", he added.

Covert speed camera utes like the one that incorrectly nabbed Jason snapped seven hundred and twenty speeding motorists on their first day of operation alone.

Using the same methodology police do to determine who's at fault, Scott illustrates just how wrong police are getting it. "Speed cameras operate by sending out a five degree wide beam that goes a cross the road at a twenty degree angle. The police check them using what is called a sixty one eighty two graph. The sixty one eighty two graph barely hits the outside vehicle, yet young Jason's car is the inside vehicle -- a good forty feet before the beam detection area", Scott said.

"Police are coming out of the woodwork and telling people that speed cameras don't work and the upper echelon of police actually know that", Scott said.

Police officers like retired sergeant James Qwuilter, a former traffic branch officer with thirty years in the force. "Seeing the police vehicle there that's what made people switch on and pay attention to their driving", he said.

Not covert cameras that are already being hidden in bins, even witches hats, across the country. They're undercover and according to James, underhanded. "They're going to infuriate a lot of people through the mail because they're going to get a ticket because they are just slightly over the speed limit", he added.

A German engineered black pole is the latest addition on trial in Melbourne's east, called a laser pillar, it can detect drivers across a number of lanes at the same time. At least you can see it.

In Queensland, police officers are charged with operating speed cameras –they have a shame file. "None of the reports coming from the covert speed cameras suggest these people are in police uniforms", Scott said.

So fed up with government inaction, Scott hopes motorists will join his newly formed lobby -- a motoring group called the up 2 speed club, offering expert advice for people aggrieved by faulty speed cameras. "The number one priority of the club get rid of al speed cameras -- they are an absolute toxin to Australian motorists", Scott said.

A portion of the club's membership fees will go to helping road trauma victims.

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