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*Keep a food & exercise diary. This helps us be accountable for the food we have eaten, see where/when we are going wrong. eg. Eating late at night, the dodgy 3pm snack or simply make us stop & think before we grab that 3rd Tim tam, because we have to write it down.

*Cut down sugar intake

*Eat breakfast to get that metabolism started from the start of the day

*Get a calorie & fat counter booklet. This will help you make better choices eating at home or dining out & is a good eye opener, to where you may be going wrong available at newsagencies for approx $7-$9
Contains calorie & fat content of all fast food & anything you would purchase in the supermarket.

*Set small achievable goals. Goals help give us focus & achieving them helps maintain the motivation to continue. Instead of what seems impossible 10kg aim for 500grams a week.

*Get out of your comfort zone for results. Increase intensity of work outs as you get fitter & stronger & learn to love sweat.

*Take measurements instead of just going by the scales. Your body composition can change overnight sometimes we don't see the hard work paying of on the scales but we have lost centimetres.

*Learn how to read nutrition labels on food & drink packaging. Including the serving size, eg. A bottle of coke will tell you per 250mls but will contain 600mls

*Avoid cutting out certain food groups, our bodies need them all to function at its best. Everything in moderation

*Get moving! Take any & every opportunity to increase physical activity, whether it be that spot of gardening, housework or walking the kids to school instead of driving. Every bit does help.


*****Please check with your Doctor before starting any new exercise/diet regimen.

I want to start working out but don't know what to do?
As a trainer I can't count the times I have heard this phrase which I love to hear as I know what an improvement it is to you lifestyle & well being.
However with so much conflicting advice & work out information available it's hard to figure out where to start on your new ambition.
There are lots of variables in a workout so I'm going to keep it simple & hope to start you on the right plan for your weight loss journey today.

4 week starting program consisting of a warm up, strength exercises & cool down each day.
This may not seem like much but by doing compound exercises (using more than 1 muscle group) we work the largest muscle groups, which means more definition in your muscles & more fat burn.
This workout is designed for the beginner – somebody who has not exercised in a long time.
Focus should be on performing exercises correctly to set you up for your next progression.

For this work out you will need a set of dumbbells in a suitable weight 2-4kg K-Mart or cash converters have these pretty cheap.

This work out can be done at home work out for those who cannot afford a gym membership

Day 1 – Monday

Warm up 10mins cardio
2 mins skipping rope followed by
2 mins star jumps
2 mins jogging on spot
Rest for 30-90 seconds & repeat

Squats 4 sets of 12 repetitions 1st set with no weight last 3 with dumbells (if you don't have weight use a couple of full cans from your pantry as you weight)
Shoulder press 3 sets of 12repititions with dumbbells
Alternate between exercises so minimal rest is required squats, shoulder press, squats, shoulder press etc.

Cool down March on spot or step side to side 5-10mins

Day 2 – Wednesday

Same warm up as day 1or 10-15min cardio activity eg. Few laps walking/ jog around the block.
Alternating lunges 3 sets of 20 repetitions
Take a lage step forward w/one leg & lower back knee to the ground repeat on other leg.
Tricep dips 4 sets of 12 repetitions
Hands on edge of lounge or kitchen chair keep elbows close to body, & lower your body weight using tricep muscles in back of arms
Follow lunge, dips lunge dips so you keep moving.
Cooldown5-10mins light cardio & stretch

Day 3 – Friday

Warm up
3mins skipping
2mins straight punches & repeat 2-3x depending on how you are feeling
Push ups 4 sets of 12 repetitions at your level on knees or toes
Squat & press 4 sets of 12 repetitions
Squat then straight into shoulder press. 1st set without weight last 3 with weight/cans.

As above alternate exercises so you minimise breaks Rest for 60-90seconds between sets if needed.

Cool down 5-10mins light cardio & stretch

For weeks 3 & 4
Add a front raise with your dumbbells to your squats on day 1, as you lower your body extend arms in front & lift weight straight up to shoulder height.
Add a bicep curl with your dumbbells while doing your lunges on day 2, raise weight as you lower the back knee to ground.
You will be using more muscle groups therefore burning more fat!
Try extending your legs with the tricep dips to add more weight.
With your push ups add in a lat pull as you raise body hold at top & take 1 hand of ground & pull back so elbow comes just past your back lower same arm to ground do another push up then repeat with other arm. With or without a weight, can be performed on knees or toes.
Any extra cardio activity will help you lose more fat so try adding in a day with a 20-60 min walk.


Aim for 20-60mins cardio activity 3-4x
This can be as simple as walking, marching on the spot, dancing etc.


Nutrition tips to boost metabolism
Eat breakfast
Pick protein for lunch – getting a lean source of protein into every meal helps your body build & maintain muscle mass which in turn helps you burn more fat.
Seek heat- capsaicin, the compound that gives chilli heat, can also help fire up you metabolism, chilli boosts your body's production of heat & the sympathetic nervous system. According to the journal of nutritional science
Drink some green tea- this contains a plant compound called ECGC which helps burn fat.


¾ cup oats with water & dash of milk + banana

Protein shake

Ham & tomato sandwich w/wholegrain bread & cup tomato soup

1piece of fruit

Chicken stir fry - 200g lean chicken breast with 250g mixed vegetables. Use grated carrots, sprouts, extra veg instead of rice or noodles.


¾ cup high fibre cereal
cup of green tea

Protein shake

Turkey & salad wrap on mountain bread

2-4 Flavoured rice cakes

Grilled fish with your favourite vegetables, steamed. Season with lemon juice or fresh herbs.
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