Musical Marriage


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The power ballad -- “All by Myself” -- made it clear Luke Gibson didn't intend to fly through life solo. Add the streamer sequence and it was a weird way to tell more the than 300 wedding guests that he values love -- but it worked a treat.

It was billed as the suburban wedding that swallowed Broadway and from that start, everyone knew they were in for something new.

Fabrice, the wedding planner, is the groom's best mate and from the outset this was destined to be an unusual wedding -- fizzy red drink, Cheezels and baby frankfurts ��" and the seats filled quickly for the production on love.

The bride looked beautiful in bobby socks -- it was just like they'd met in the school band but the future mother in law had a blunt wish, “I'm hoping they get married in the end”.

Our bloke had been looking for his future bride Hall and Oates style after they lost touch at school. "We weren't high school sweethearts -- we were in the same home class together, with Miss Pennyton-Smith Grade 8B, we were also in the music class together -- I played the drums and she was a singer in the band”, Luke said.

"It's been 12 months of planning and the last 6 months its really ramped up”, the couple said.

They were born on the same day and for this to work, the couple had to sing from the same hymn book each musical act was a turning point in their lives. To get the production right, they juggled choirs, choreography and daily life with two kids.

Music aside, this was all about marriage and the merging of lives. Andrea and her sons with their talented new step-dad and when it came down to it, genuine hearts couldn't keep to the script.

And what better was for the Gibson’s to head off into the sunset than to a little country and western -- cowgirls in tow.

It was a musical marriage complete with credits and just like the real thing, Andrea and Luke are determined true life and love will imitate art. Good luck to them.

And Luke and Andrea had so much fun, they're now keen to choreograph your wedding, and have set up a business to do just that.
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