Natural Fertility


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1) High antioxidant diet
Lots of brightly coloured fruit and vegetables
This should form the basis of the diet
Green leafy veg for folic acid levels

2) Good quality, lean protein source
Red meat, chicken fish (if meat eater)
Legumes, eggs, cheese (if vegetarian)
Vegans should consult with a qualified practitioner or dietitian to ensure balanced protein intake

3) Good quality carbohydrates
Wholemeal and wholegrain products

Fertility boosting foods:
Walnuts and brazil nuts + other nuts and seeds Fish
Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, cabbage
Dairy products should be whole milk, not skim
Beetroot (best if you cook it yourself roast or boil whole, then peel delicious!)

Culinary herbs and spices:
Ginger and chillies increase blood flow
Increase water intake

Eat organic if your budget allows it and it is convenient for you to purchase


Caffeine one cup of coffee per day or less (caffeine reduces fertility) also check other caffeine sources eg energy drinks, cola drinks, tea, green tea,

Trans fats interfere with hormones and reduce fertility

Processed foods (contain trans fats, food additives and chemicals)

In addition to this Traditional Chinese Medicine theory says that to get pregnant you should eat warming foods, not cold foods. This means more soups, cooked vegetables, vegetable stews and less cold salads and cold juices

Diet Plan


Choose from

1) Wholegrain unprocessed muesli with whole milk
2) Fruit smoothie with banana or berries
3) 2 poached or boiled eggs on wholegrain toast
4) Omelette
5) Wholegrain toast spread with avocado and topped with tomato (optional grill this)

Snacks (usually 2 per day morning and afternoon)
Choose from
30 grams (small handful) of nuts
30 grams nut and seed mix
30 grams dates
Piece of fruit
½ punnet strawberries

Choose from
1) Wholemeal wrap with chicken and salad
2) Home made vegetable soup with wholemeal/wholegrain bread roll
3) Salad with lean protein source (chicken, tuna etc)
4) Vegetable sticks with homemade guacamole

1) Vegetable and lentil casserole
2) Small piece lean steak with roasted vegetables
3) Chicken and vegetable stir fry
4) Salmon and steamed vegetables
5) Vegetable frittata
6) Weekend meal homemade wholemeal pizza with roasted vegetables
7) Weekend meal homemade hamburger (wholemeal roll, homemade lean beef patty, lots of salad vegetables)

For those that really need dessert:
Try to keep sugar and fat levels down to a minimum
Try a fruit platter, baked apple, homemade fruit crumble (make topping with wholegrain flour and nuts)

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