Navy transfer mistake


Story Details

Let down by one of Australia's largest employers… She was on the run from a violent relationship but he followed her to Adelaide, with the Navy's help.

  1. Why was Eugene given a compassionate posting when you’d been advised of his history and when you had on record Emilea was given a compassionate posting to Adelaide, to get away from him.
  2. Why wasn’t Emilea notified when Eugene’s posting had been approved?
  3. What sort of checks were made prior to his posting to Adelaide being approved?

Response to all questions:

For privacy reasons, Defence is unable to comment on the personal details of an individual Defence member, including the posting, without their consent.

However, in general terms, when considering whether to post a member to a specific locality for compelling or compassionate reasons, and where the decision has the possibility of impacting on the member’s family and support network, the Career Management Agency seeks advice from appropriate health professionals, Chaplains, and the member’s Chain of Command. The Defence Community Organisation is also able to engage with families and other affected persons regarding the appropriateness of the requested posting and will provide advice to the Career Management Agency regarding the implications of any posting action.


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