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"I didn't diet. I didn't exercise. I've lost 6kgs and over 40cms!" Anna said!
"This is a revolutionary new treatment where you can lose fat and reduce cellulite in under 40 minutes," Dr Buddy Beanie said.

It's being hailed as the quickest fat buster since shape wear - but this is permanent. There's no surgery, no needles, no scars and the fat cells are gone for good. It's the new non invasive version of liposuction.
Developed in the UK, ultrasonic contour is finally in Australia
"This is the ideal treatment because you can walk into the clinic have a treatment done in 30-40 minutes, reduce 3cm's of fat and basically return to work, because there is no down time, no pain," Dr Beanie Buddy continued.
"How exactly does ultrasonic contour work?" asked reporter Sally Obermeder.
"Basically it is very similar to a pregnancy ultrasound, the hand piece is applied to the part of the body - tummy, love handles, wherever it may be - and basically it destroys the fat cells, they are eliminated from the body and you get the appropriate reduction in size," Dr Buddy Beanie explained.
Dr Buddy Beanie from MD Cosmedical Solutions, is helping 38 year old mother of two, Anna Daria, shift her previously unshiftable kilos
"I'm your typical mother of two, I don't have time to train seven days a week. I just want something quick and easy, drop off the kids, run off to my treatment and get quick results," Anna said.
The treatment uses ultrasound waves to break down fat cells, and there's a reduction even after just one session.
"You can see the ultra sonic vibrations creating some frothing of the water and that's basically what it's doing, when we apply it to the skin that goes deep down to the fat cell layers and it helps break up the fat cells," Dr Buddy Beanie said.
"So it vibrates as well as sending out ultrasound waves," Sally asked.

"Yes and Anna shouldn't be feeling anything, it's a painless treatment" said Dr Buddy Beanie as she demonstrated the treatment to our reporter.
"That's it? That's all you do ?" Sally asked shocked.
"Yes that's it and what happens is the ultrasound creates cavitations in the fat cell areas and then the fat cells explode and they are destroyed and they leave the body." Dr Buddy Beanie said.
"Do the fat cells come back?" Sally followed.
" No we are getting rid of them permanently, it's pretty much like liposuction. You're sucking out fat cells with lipo but with the ultrasound you're destroying the fat cells and they will leave the body permanently as well," Dr Buddy Beanie explained.
Anna's having the ultrasound treatment on her stomach, thighs, bottom and arms.
Dr Buddy Beanie looked to Anna exclaiming " you've lost 2cm's off there, and 3 cms of here" to her patient Anna.
And one treatment later she's already a few centimeter's closer to her dream body and she's shocked
"I'm very surprised, I can't believe it, I just lay there & lost 10 cm off my whole body, it's crazy. I could have slept! " laughed Anna.
While Anna's found it very easy, dietician Jamie Fronzek says you need to do more than just lie there to effectively lose weight and keep it off.
"There's always going to be quick fix options, but it's just that - a quick fix. To keep the kilos off you really have to focus on eating healthy and doing daily exercise, otherwise it's just a waste of money," dietician Jamie Fronzek explained.

"We recommend four to six treatments as a course of treatments and the results are incremental ... up to 10 or 15 centimeters which is dropping a dress size or two," Dr Buddy Beanie boasted.
At $300 per session, per area, Anna says the affordability in comparison to surgery was a significant factor in her decision, along with the inspiring results other patients have had.
Now just 6 sessions later Anna is also a contender for the ultrasonic hall of fame
"That is fantastic. You've lost 12cm on your tummy in just 6 treatments," Dr Buddy Beanie revealed to Anna.
Anna also lost 5cm off each arm, 10 cm off her butt and an impressive 12cm off each thigh, and she can't wipe the smile off her face.
" So Anna how do you feel?" Sally asked.

"I feel fantastic, incredible it's been overwhelming the response I have never done something so easy in my life." Anna said in disbelief.
"What are your family, your friends saying?" Sally followed.
"They just can't believe it they are like, Oh my God no exercise! Absolutely nothing! It's been fantastic." Anna exclaimed.
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