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Ron Lidman is just 59. He's a former big wig in the credit industry...he's been out of work for 18 months....told by the workforce he's washed up.

Ron is one of a growing number of over 50's punted out of the workforce with nowhere to go...

40 years as a sales manager...and John Roberts found himself on the scrapheap. It took anglicare to offer him a job....to get him back into the workforce..

"It was only until i came to anglicare that i think management looked outside the square and looked at my life experiences and experience I had and saw it as something that could be offered to the job I was going for." Said John

Almost one in three australians.....7 million....are now 50 years or older... and more are joining their ranks everyday... but more and more over 50's are being punted from their jobs....with no hope at all... except for companies like IBM...and Anglicare...with an affirmative over 50's employment policy... anglicare's allison wheatley gave john his break..

"We do hire older workers, deliberately because we believe they bring maturity and life experience and for the kind of services we offer that's exceedingly important." Said Alison

Director of "Older workers" matt Higgens has seen hundreds of over 50's try to get work...as prices rise...superannuation shrinks...and the retirement age goes up...

"you're definitely not washed up at 45. at 45 you've still going to have a minimum 20 years more working." Said Matt

That's if you can get a job, for people over 50...it takes an average 70 weeks...to find a job...
40 year olds...on average up to one year... but 20 year olds....just 21 weeks before they find work.
and that's why the federal government plans to give companies a bounty of $1,000 to employ an older worker for at least 3 months... a 10 million dollar program over 4 years...to get people like ron lidman back into work.

David Skapinker is from APIA...the largest over 50's insurance company in Australia. His 700-thousand members are worried for their futures...

"it is a crisis for alot of people. they've been out of work. there's been a lot of job losses in the last few years and they want to get back in to the work force." Said David

But like Ron...scouring the jobs pages every day....it's a desperate....soul destroying experience...
with no end in sight...

"if I was a dickhead or if I didn't know anything I'd understand it David. But I'm not. I have a lot to offer and I'm sure there are alot of people out there like me in the same boat and it's unnecessary." Said Ron

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