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What can you do in one hour? Buy a sandwich for lunch, go to the post office, pay a few bills if you're lucky.

What if you could shape your body, tone your thighs and get rid of cellulite without even cracking a sweat. In the world of weight loss, the lunch break is prime time.

Here's what you can do in an hour of power. Hail damage, cauliflower thighs or dimple dents are all common terms for the same thing -- cellulite. Now you can smooth those lumps away in a matter of minutes. "In as little as 10 minutes per session, women can be on their way to reducing cellulite", said Dr Tavakoli, one of Sydney's leading plastic surgeons.

Dr. Tavakoli has helped hundreds of women smooth away the telltale signs of cellulite. Created in France over 20 years ago, Lipomassage by Endermologie works on three basic principles. "A) it improves lymphatic drainage of the skin which gets rid of the toxins. B) it increases collagen [butt to] and hence the skin firmness and lastly, the fat cells they tend to get taken out by mechanical action", Dr. Tavakoli said.

It's a big hit in Hollywood -- J Lo, Angelina, Gwen and Penelope are all said to be fans -- and new fan Kathy, who like many women was dreading the thought of summer

Kathy's having Lipomassage as well as focusing on a healthy diet and regular exercise. "It actually feels like a massage", Kathy said.

And that's not all that's good. Kathy is extremely happy with the results. "I feel a lot smoother round the back end and it's not as dimply. In four weeks it's the first time I've put shorts on!", Kathy said.

Next on the lunch time hit list is trimming, toning and scultping Sonia Darbey, operates a Power Plate studio in Sydney. " The benefits are much quicker than other forms of training, and you really only need 30 minutes, 3 times a week to get the same result that you would in a much longer work out in the gym", Sonia said.

The reason for the quicker results is due to the vibrating platform. "The plate vibrates, it transfers the vibrations onto the muscles of the body which cause them to contract many times over", Sonia added.

No wonder that celebs are lining up, it's not just celebs. Justine Wallace is a mother of one. "In the first couple of sessions I felt something and then I could actually see results in probably week 2 or 3", Justine said.

Donna Woodford has also seen results. "I've actually lost 3 kilos. I've noticed that my stomach, around my waist, has definitely toned down", Donna said.

In today's busy world, when it comes to workouts, less is more.

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