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Through her life Muffin's been a healthy happy puppy... Until recently. Having dutifully paid her premiums for 13yrs she thought she'd be covered… and while Petsecure paid the bills there was a rude shock waiting in her next statement

Petsecure statement re Ms Vermeer’s dog MuffinMonday 30 March 2015
Muffin is a 15 year old dog that, unfortunately, has a chronic condition called Cushings Disease. This has resulted in ongoing vet treatment and regular claims and benefits paid against his insurance.
Not all pet insurers will insure a dog for life nor a dog with this disease. Petsecure is one of the few that does.
Unfortunately, like their owners, as pets get older their health deteriorates, requiring more visits to the vet. The increase to Muffin’s premium reflects an analysis of the amount required to provide ongoing cover for most pets of a similar species, age and breed, at the level of cover that the owner has selected. In addition, as a long-standing customer, Ms Vermeer was offered a discount to her premium which she declined.
There are a number of reasons driving premium increases:

  1. The rising cost of claims as well as the increase in number of visits to the vet from customers and their pets
  2. Some of the factors for these claims cost increases include the increasing number of specialist vet procedures undertaken and more comprehensive treatments being provided.


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