Police problems part 2


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"11 pages of documents they refused to give to us, now I would suggest that SAPOL have got something to hide and I wanted the truth to come out," says Bryan.

When it was his turn in the witness box he spoke candidly about the criminals and police he wanted investigated and how he was set up by somebody.

“I don't know for sure who put the gun in the car... all I know is I didn't put the gun in the car," says Bryan.

Then Bryan's barrister Claire O’Connor summed up his case …

Graphic: "…First thing about Cousins is I think everyone would say that he probably wasn't the cream of the police force. It is not just the good guys now in the dark blue uniforms and the bad guys are the ones that have been in and out of gaol. People are complex, the world is complex".

Bryan's credibility and that of the police witnesses was then in the hands of the jury.

A unanimous not guilty verdict…

"All of those people, twelve of my peers in the community agreed with what I was saying," says Bryan.

And according to Bryan's lawyer Steve Georgiadis, the prosecution failed to call two of their witness's in this case deciding that they were not credible... but why?

"Those two persons were found to be in possession of items stolen from the same property from which the shotgun was stolen from... and these are prosecution witness's... They pleaded guilty in the Christies Beach court," says Steve.

There's a tragic footnote to this story... Detective Elizabeth Mascaro who first met with Bryan and whose detailed notes were passed to her senior officer was found dead at work in January this year. She had performed her duty well and played no further part in this drama. When we made enquiries into the circumstances of her death, we received a call from Major Crime telling us to "lay off and move on".

There are lots of questions here that SAPOL needs to address.

"SAPOL have a lot to answer and I tell you the Commissioner needs to do something about this... ‘cause as I said, there are absolutely exceptional police officers in the police force… very honourable and it's important not to tar those people with the same brush," says Steve.