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Ok, Mums and Dads of Australia gather round and get ready to take some notes, because we've found a lady who's convinced she's found the secret to making naughty kids nice. If yours aren't listening, aren't doing their fare share around the house, this could be the cure and it's so easy, you can do it with your eyes shut.

Step aside Martin St James and Peter Powers, Kim Patrick is the hypno mum...

“I was secretly hoping that it would make a difference but until I saw my children starting to do things that they previously hadn't done I was actually shocked when they made a difference.” A mum claims.

The single mother is using hypnotism, to change behaviour.

“You will clean your room and talk nicely to your brothers”

The power of positive affirmation and the sub conscious mind, Kim the mother of four techniques turn around bad behaviour.

“I don't like the word hypnotism I understand a lot about what it does as a parent we give our children positive reinforcement, verbally so why not put it on a CD and do the same.” Kim said.

So that's what she did, when her youngest daughter, Rebecca was giving her a little too much attitude.

“It was actually the backchat that I was getting from my pre-teen daughter I thought no I want too knock that on the head.” She said,

And just about overnight she was getting results, taming kids on the sly, playing CDs as they slept.

And what sort of changes have you seen in yourself? “Um I've started talking nicer to mum and yeah…” “Becky, Kim’s daughter.

I'm targeting many things I have CDs for the bed wetter the adhad child aspergeous, syndrome the depressed child the angry child so my CDs are very targeted. I believe whatever the issue I have a CD to help with it. She claims.

“You are a valued member of the family and you will respect your mother” CD exert.

“The first night I gave it to Becky, she went off to sleep listening to these positive words, she woke up the next morning and she cam bouncing out into the kitchen, holding the CD player, she plugged it in the kitchen and said mum I'm gonna listen to my compliments CD while I have breakfast.” Kim said.

“When you're parenting you're often asleep aren't you? (Laughs) That's why I created these CD's too help possibly the parents that don't get around too giving that positive input that they need to.” She said

Kim admits she has no formal training as a psychologist, counsellor or hypnotist for that matter but argues her life experience as a mother qualifies her to share her parenting techniques with others.

“You'll find that overnight your child will do things they have not done before and you'll see gradual improvements straight away” KIM claims.

The parenting happens when I'm asleep

Lorae Bartlett used the CDs to put an end to her son Jordan's bedwetting and says the technique works.

“After about ten days my son stopped wetting the bed and we now only have the occasional bed wetting, when its cold during the night or something.” Larae said.

“There is other affirmation on the CD that have been beneficial for his attitude and his behaviour with tantrums and things like that I think it has worked that way as well.” She adds.

Alan Ralph, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, University of Queensland: “The CD may as I said set the scene for a more positive family environment. But if parents think that something like a CD will replace it, then their likely to find their gonna have to buy an awful lot of CD's to cover all the different things that are going to happen in their child's life.”

“It's really about the basics, being clear with your child about what you expect from them, being clear with them about what the likely consequences are if they follow the rules or if they don't. There are many things parents need to do to promote appropriate behaviour in their children and there is no quick fix.” he adds.

“You are a great child...” DVD exert.

“This is just one of many tools but I would highly encourage parents to look at this CD's because every little thing helps when you're a parent.” Kim Patrick states.