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An Australia-wide survey of almost seven and a half thousand energy customers by consumer research company, Canstar Blue, revealed some big shocks about affordability of energy and South Australians are more concerned than anyone else in the country about the cost of their electricity, with bills the second highest in the country just behind NSW.

Canstar Blue's Stephen Mickenbecker, says almost 30 per cent of South Australian households confess they're struggling to pay their power bills and half the population is having to cut back on necessities, just to pay for continually rising electricity and gas prices.

Energy costs are now the biggest financial concern of householders… above mortgages, the cost of food and clothing.

Two out of three people say they find changing suppliers daunting, but switching can save up to twenty per cent on your bill.

In the survey, scoring highest in overall satisfaction in South Australia - Simply Energy, with five stars. Four stars for Origin Energy, three for Energy Australia and AGL two.


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