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With most of us eating on the run and short on time, finding healthy packaged foods on the supermarket shelves can be a hit and miss affair. Now a solution: a list of the top 100 healthiest packaged foods.

Felicity Percival is editor of Women's Health magazine. Sharon Natoli is a dietician with Nutrition Australia. Together they've put every packaged food item to the test.

Anything from frozen to dairy, canned foods, chips, even hot chocolate.

Here's the best of the Top 100 in the most popular categories.

Philadelphia Extra Light Cream Cheese is significantly lower in fat and lower in kilojoules compared to other spreads like butter and margarine.

Greenseas lime and cracked black pepper tuna was chosen because it's lower in salt compared to many other tunas.

SPC two fruits in juice because of the higher fruit content of the product and the higher fibre content compared to other canned fruits.

McCain Healthy Choice Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli because of the higher vegetable content

Freedom Foods Baked Corn Chips because they're significantly lower in fat and salt compared to other corn chips and we all love to have a crunchy snack.

Uncle Toby's Oats. are just oats so a great whole grain, full of B Vitamins and energy. A great choice for breakfast.

In the chocolate category they picked Lindt Dark Chocolate because of its high cocoa content. The more cocoa the higher the anti oxidants which are good for you.

In the drinks category one of the products we chose was the Schweppes Lemon and Soda. It's half the sugar content compared to regular soft drinks and therefore half the kilojoules.
Nestle 99% Fat Free Double Blend Chocolate. Everyone loves a hot chocolate in winter. This one's lower in kilojoules and lower in additives.

Want something healthier? Try white tea.

"That is the new buzz drink that everyone's drinking because it's high in antioxidants so that's a good thing" says Felicity.

"We know the healthy foods are the ones with the single ingredient, you know your apples, your pears, your berries and your eggs and meat and that sort of thing, but it certainly can make it quick and easy if you combine fresh food with packaged foods. You can throw together healthy foods very quickly" adds Sharon.

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