Psoriasis and Eczema trial


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For psoriasis and eczema sufferers, their scars can run so deep that they believe there’s little they can do to heal their damaged skin.

Over the years doctors and dermatologists have recommended a range of bizarre and potentially harmful treatments to patients like 7 year old Breana Lamb.

“She's been told to wrap her hands at night every night with vaseline and gladwrap,” says mum Gina.

What about Lila Ophof's so-called remedy super gluing the cracked skin together!

“Your doctor told you to put superglue on your feet?”

“Skin specialist yeah, ‘cos she said that another lady tried it and it worked but it didn't really work for me.

Four weeks ago natural health practitioner Catherine Griss put the call out for volunteers with some of the most debilitating conditions to undergo a course of her certified organic skin creams and serums. The response was phenomenal.

Called "KuUsh" Catherine says the products don't rely on fillers like water, emulsifiers or nasty chemicals or preservatives.

But do they work?

Little Breeana has a rare case of contact dermatitis. Her hands flare up and the skin shatters and bleeds at the slightest touch. Mum Gina who's a nurse had nearly given up hope.

6 years ago Lila says her stressed out body finally exposed on the outside the emotional pain she'd been subjected to as a child and abused ward of the state.

“…and then my doctor said this is why my body’s acting out and it’s been ever since like that,” says Lila.

Lila was barely able to walk and hiding her cracked and blistered hands in white gloves.

“…so gloves for seven years, are you ready to take them off? Sure am!”

Then came the moment of truth, after 3 weeks her hands are looking fantastic, getting that nice healthy pink again they're not hot and they're definitely not cracked and bleeding.

Now Lila says she's a different person. The sores have almost completely gone and the feeling has returned to her feet and hands and she isn't the only success story.

Breeana’s hands are looking nice and healthy and her fingertips have come back to normal. Her fingernails have also regrown and her shyness is starting to dissipate.

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