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Best Garcinia Cambogia to buy unless you are on blood pressure medication.

For people who are on Blood pressure medication buy this Garcinia…

Dr. Seigal’s Cookie Diet
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They're two of the very few natural rapid weight-loss products that come with a big tick of approval from doctors.

American obesity expert Dr. Sandford Seigel developed his unique cookies for his patients… now they're in demand around the world including Australia.

“This is a very serious medical solution to losing weight and again the emphasis is on a product that absolutely controls hunger,” explains Dr Seigal.

And when TV medico Mehmet Oz declared Garcinia Cambogia the holy grail of weight-loss… demand almost outstripped supply.

It's a little pumpkin like fruit the size of tomato and the active component in it is called HCA or Hydroxycitric Acid .

Nutritionist Kimberley Douglas has put dozens of her clients on to Garcinia Cambogia with good results.

“It’s great for burning abdominal wall fat… people lose on average 3 to 4 kgs in a month when they are on it,” claims Kimberley.

Radio 5AA's talkback star Leon Byner has suffered poor health and gained weight from the intestinal condition colitis… he ordered Garcinia on line after seeing it on Dr. Oz's show… he's now lost 18 kilograms in four months.

“It’s made an enormous difference to my energy levels… I sleep better, certainly feel better,” says Leon.

Kimberley says “It also drops cholesterol, helps the body process cholesterol... helps brain increase serotonin levels and also increases metabolism and helps with sleep”.

It also seems to work best on males…

“In particular men carrying weight around their middle with slimmer legs, they will burn well with Garcinia… for women it’s slower but need to do exercise and diet with it,” says Kimberley.

But a warning… not all Garcinia Cambogia on the market is the same or authentic…the secret is that magic ingredient.

“HCA has to be at a certain dosage… double blind clinical trials printed proving that HCA works but must be 60 to 70% ratio in formula… so when looking at a product you buy, if it has 40 or 50 or doesn't state it, don't buy it, it won't work for you,” says Kimberley.

And that's also the secret recipe for success behind Dr. Seigel's cookies which replace meals at breakfast and lunch time.

Lisa-Marie Farnhill is Dr. Seigel's Aussie pin up story… she's since lost 22 kilos and has maintained her weight.

“Three years ago I used to wear this shirt, size 18, now I can wear a size 12,” says Lisa-Marie.

Another success story is Alice Mazioun… the state of her health before she went on Dr Seigels’ diet was not so good, she had just been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Within a year of going on the cookie program of nine a day, Alice Mazioun's diabetes was reversed to the delight of her doctor Mervat Guirgus .

“Alice achieved a total weight loss of 18kg over 12 months... that’s more 20% of her baseline weight… that in total helped reverse cycle and helped with normal sugar level,” says Dr Guirgus.

“Depending on the medical setting and background baseline health of my patient I would recommend the cookie diet if it suits,” says Dr Guirgus.

As for Garcinia Cambogia… Kimberley Douglas’ advice is be realistic and don't expect instant results.

“You can do it with calorie controlled… where you've lowered your calories down or any of these higher protein, higher carb regimes and throw Garcinia in as well, watch your alcohol and coffee, there’s a big chance it is going to work for you,” says Kimberley.