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Amy Collins is switched on and cashed up, thanks to our recession buster series.

Amy is a mother of two, juggling family, her career and harsh economic times, but with some expert advice and insider information this super mum found some super savings. “Thanks to your story, I’ve definitely learned the time of the day and the day of the week, make a massive difference”, Amy said.

Our series on grocery shopping savings featured Andrew Hall of Woolworths, who revealed that timing is everything. “If you want bargains in bread, later in the day because we bake every day, we'll be marking down the bread. It is 20, 40, 60% off and usually after 5pm is the best time to come along and see what's left”, he said.

And Andrew told us at 3 o'clock, they mark down the morning tea lines. “Since the recession buster story I saw, we're saving at least 40% to 60% on bread and that’s simply by the time of day that we come to shop, so with two boys and my husband that’s a great saving for our family”, Amy said.

“Timing can be everything -- the cooked chicken for example, we don't like to keep them on display more than 3 to 4 hrs, so this chicken cooked this morning at 7.10 we will start marking that down in the next half hr, 20% 40 %, until it sells”, Andrew said.

Cath Armstrong of also weighed in. “I have a few secrets about shopping and one of them is if you shop on certain days you can slash at least 50% off your grocery bill, that's a lot of money”, Cath said.

“Another great thing that I learned since your last story is about the impromptu bargains -- its all about timing, coming down at certain times of the day you can save a great amount on these products”, Amy said.

Amy has now learned to look at the fine print on shelf signage and has made amazing savings and the proof is at the checkout.

And its not just Amy's grocery bill that is looking leaner, she's paying less at the chemist too. Sigma Pharmaceutical's, Elmo de Alwis assures Amy, that generic brands are identical to the labelled brand -- something Amy was sceptical about. “Since the story, I'm relieved that generic brands are exactly the same as the labelled brands -- the difference is the saving and that’s really important when you have a family of four”, Amy said.

We showed Amy many websites that could save the Collins family money heading into the cold season, --pharmacy online has been a great money saver. “Being a mother and juggling a career, I really don’t have a lot of time to shop around for these kind of things. The ability to go online and get the best value, whether it be for utilities or pharmaceutical products or for health insurance, it's really saved us a lot of time and a great deal of money”, Amy said.

Our health insurance recession buster tips also helped tone and focus the family finances. Our series pointed Amy to websites, including a free on-line service, comparing policies and prices selecting the best match, for Amy's family -- it saved them $1500 a year on their annual premium.

“Our coverage was way too extensive for our family needs, so things like hip replacements and other devices were included, and for a young family were irrelevant, so we’ve looked at a more tailored package, more suited to our family needs at this stage”, Amy said.

Go, is a free independent price comparison website and gave Amy the tools to get energy smart. “What the website enabled us to do was have a look across all three different utilities so water, electricity and gas, and have a look at what the best usage package was for us”, Amy said.

“I’m definitely a smarter shopper thanks to the stories”, Amy said.