Recycle Outrage


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The popular Adelaide recycled clothing store accused of rorting customers.

The operator sells the pre-loved clothes and promises to share the profit, but they say they haven't seen a cent.

Commentary from a spokesperson for Consumer and Business Services:

“Consumers need to exercise a degree of caution when dealing with traders or selling any items on consignment as they may have limited recourse if there’s a dispute between the consumer and the reseller.

If you’re going to sell items on consignment, you should:
- Get any agreement in writing so you have a clear record of what has been agreed to
- Make a list of any items that have been taken in for sale, including any agreed resale value where appropriate
- Take photos of any items being brought in for sale so you have an accurate record of their condition

Also, do your research before going to a particular outlet. Check to see how well it is rated on review sites, whether any consumers have had negative experiences, and see if any friends or family have had good experiences there.”


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