Rescue Reunion


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Phillip Dunne...or “Dunny” as he was known to his fellow crewmen... is one of the luckiest men alive.

He was a gunner on-board an Iroquoi helicopter on a routine military exercise in Qld in 1981 when trouble struck and the chopper went down… Mark Eldrige was one of the co-pilots.

Mark and the chopper's captain Wayne Bowen managed to get Dunny and another of the trapped crew out with seconds to spare... The chopper was incinerated.... And one crewman died.

Phillip suffered horrific injuries... He died three times on the operating table that night... And spent the next 16 months in hospital.

Dunny contacted us four years ago in his search to find Mark to thank him for saving his life that night 33 years ago. It took us lots of calls, emails and letters... But we eventually tracked Mark down while visiting his mother in Adelaide and set up the reunion.


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