Road Rage Sentence


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Six months ago, former police officer Ken Olsen was doing everything possible to defend himself against a road rage driver. Now he's on the attack.

“He had no consideration for other road users, driving on wrong side of the road, forcing me to drive into oncoming traffic, forcing me to travel on footpaths, him following me on footpath going through red lights. How many people's lives, other lives were put in jeopardy?” Said Ken

21 year old Edward Sullivan was behind the wheel of the four wheel drive that put Ken through 12 terrifying minutes of mindless rage all caught on a camera in Ken's car.
Smashing into me repeatedly all I was trying to do was get away at any stage he could have stopped I did nothing to antagonise him.
It was a relentless attack ending when Sullivan leapt onto the bonnet of Ken's car and punched in the windscreen.
Sullivan was charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, and wilful damage.

On Wednesday, he was handed two year’s probation, lost his licence for 6 months, that's less than a month for each time he deliberately rammed Ken's car.

“He used that vehicle as a weapon against me. If it was any other country he would have been charged with attempted murder or using a motor vehicle as a deadly weapon and he would have gone to jail for a long period of time.” Said Ken

The court also ordered Sullivan to pay more than 17 thousand dollars restitution for the damage he caused.

“It's definitely a jail able offence people have been jailed on occasions with respect to dangerous operation of a car.” Said Adam
Adam Magill is a criminal lawyer.
“His defence has done a fabulous job.” Said Adam

But Ken doesn't think much of the job done on him by the justice system. The date of Sullivan's hearing was changed but incredibly Ken wasn't told. He was denied the opportunity to face his attacker in court.

I wanted to see him, see whether he had remorse, and I was supposedly going to give a victim's impact statement where I could have told the court what impact it's had on me. I was not afforded that opportunity and I think it's disgraceful.

There was no sign of Sullivan today at his family's luxury home, south of Brisbane.

“Was Edward happy with 2 years’ probation and 6 months disqualified driving?” Asked David
“That's not for me to comment on.” Said family member

Ken has recovered from the shoulder injury he suffered but the mental scarring is a long way from healing.
“It's had an effect on me socially, professionally and emotionally.” Said Ken

Here's the sentence handed down by the Magistrate.
The attacker has been-
Disqualified from driving for 6 months.
Put on two years’ probation.
And ordered to pay $17,000 restitution to Mr Olsen.