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Two months ago a huge gum tree crashed through the roof of Nicole and Ben McCulloch's home in Tailem Bend causing around 35 thousand dollars damage.

Their insurance company Budget Direct responded to the emergency by organising supposedly weatherproof tarpaulins to cover the damage while it assessed the work.

The first tarp lasted 2 and a half weeks when wind ripped it off the roof. Budget Direct didn't call back until the following week. By that time they'd had 25mm of rain in the roof, hail and more wind which has damaged the insulation and the gyprock ceiling creating more damage then they had to start with.

Over at Sarah Aldridge's place in Aberfoyle Park a massive pine tree has demolished a corner of her house after falling during a recent storm.

CGU, the insurance company Sarah has been with for years, told her the roof had not been constructed to building industry regulations and any repairs would require an entire re-build of the roof to meet those standards.

It's hard to see any roof withstanding the force of the fallen tree yet CGU is sticking to the fine print of it's premium saying: "We will not cover any loss or damage as a result of, or caused by: A defect in an item, structural defects or faulty workmanship or design".

Sarah has been offered only an eight thousand dollar cash settlement to do her own rectification work and that presents her with another problem.

We do have some good news for Nicole and Ben after we'd contacted Budget Direct today, they issue an apology admitting their case should have been fast tracked.