Scrabble Champ


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Your text to link here...A war of words... And it's more than a game at least for 27-year-old Michael Cameron.

You take your scrabble very seriously?

“Oh reasonably seriously, enough to win games,” says Michael.

And win he does... Michael is an Australian scrabble champion… Not that he is comfortable with all the attention.

I think you're being a little bit coy… we're really here for you aren't we Michael?

“Well that's what I've been told,” says Michael.

“I think yeah, he's probably a scrabble genius!” says Scrabble SA Vice President Adam Kretschmer.

“I don't know about that, it's probably a bit of an exaggeration but I've won some major tournaments,” admits Michael.

In fact he's one of just 10 Aussies and the only South Australian in the history of competitive scrabble, to be selected for the International Scrabble Championships held in Prague later this year.

Have you been overseas before?

“No not previously,” says Michael.

Well I think that's pretty exciting then?

“Mmmmm in a way,” says Michael.

You might gather Michael's a pretty quiet bloke... But don't let his poker face fool you, he’s naturally gifted so spotting anagrams comes naturally to him.

“Oh it's about 50/50,” says Michael.

A bit of luck and a bit of skill?

“You have to be able to see the words, you have to be able to draw letters,” says Michael.

We witnessed this wizard wordsmith in action in a playful match against Adam.

Unlike the popular board-game so many of us play at home, competitive scrabble is a 25 minute fast-paced exchange of words and more importantly... Points.

What's the highest scoring word you've ever come up with?

“Maybe lionizes on the triple word score for 203 points or something like that<” says Michael.

For home scrabblers that means to idolize… worth remembering... But Michael doesn't bother with meanings, he uses his incredible memory to store lists of words.

Now is there someone checking the legitimacy of the words because when you play scrabble at home there's always someone who says… that's not a word?

“Tell me about it… I've had my fair share of that,” says Michael.

Like the word... ''Unloaned''


“No good”.

“Get it off the board”.

In the casual 'pub scrabble' matches... Michael's known as one of the toughest players in the scrabble sphere... His opponents range from teens to those in their 90's.

“I'm struggling… he's pretty good”.

Have you ever beaten Michael?

“I have not”.

“He's very tough… he's fun to play and he doesn't mind playing rude words against you”.

Now have you won against Michael?


You have… how did that feel?

“That felt quite satisfying”.

Even more satisfying will be when Michael takes on 100 of the world's best scrabblers in Europe but he needs some sponsorship to get over there.

“We're trying to raise $4000 to start with. We're just asking for donations and we've raised about half of that,” says Adam.

How do you think you'll go?

“I'd have to look into a crystal ball to find out that answer,” says Michael.

Spoken like a true scrabble champ... Michael saves his best words for the board.