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Easy Email for Seniors
Design Philosophy
PawPawMail was designed to simplify email to allow seniors / the elderly / aging parents... in short, anyone unfamiliar with computers to use a simple email system immediately.

Elderly Email or just Easy Email -- it avoids the clutter with a clean, simple interface. No menus, double-clicking, selecting, forwarding... the user won't ever even need to see an email address. The interface may not win awards for beauty -- but it works beautifully.

It's set up by a loved one to make email easy and safe for the senior while allowing you to keep in touch with aging parents and friends in a way they couldn't have imagined.

They're offering a free 10-day trial now (all you need is an e-mail address), or you can go ahead and Subscribe to PawPawMail for $5 per month (cancel whenever you want). You can set up PawPawMail on pretty much any computer -- dusty, old, outdated -- you have lying around. Of course, if you'd like to explore a bit more first, there's far more information on easy email for seniors available on the rest of their site.