Shadow Puppets


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A shadow can be very powerful and Adelaide "unusualist" Raymond Crowe now knows just how powerful.

His hand shadows to the song "It's a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong was posted on Youtube, and ever since he's been inundated with offers of work and fan letters from just about every place in the world.

Raymond says: "It's opened so many doors that could have never opened for me."

Raymond Crowe has been in showbiz for 25 years and is a regular on the corporate entertainment circuit, providing audiences with lots of laughs with his funny voices and magic trick. But things have got serious in the world of Raymond Crowe.

His shadow characters have a global hit on their hands since they debut on the star-making website.

Raymond says: "I checked my emails and there was like 80 emails from across America where it hit first, with offers of work. People were saying how much they enjoyed it and since then it has continued."

Hundreds of thousands of hits on the Youtube website has turned this likeable lad into the most sought-after performer on the planet, from the Letterman Show to Ellen De Generes, they all want to join the "wonderful world" of Raymond Crowe.

But believe it or not, at first he was a reluctant star and actually had the clip taken off the site because of copyright concerns.

"So I said please take it off," says Raymond, which they did and by the time he got to America three days later it was back on again in multiple copies.

It was at this point Raymond decided to sit back and enjoy the ride.