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We know a healthy diet can change the appearance of our waistline but diet can also change the appearance of our skin, proving we really are what we eat.

According to a new study the different foods can actually act like medicine - treating specific skin conditions, even reversing the signs of ageing.

The average Australian woman puts between $100 and $400 worth of beauty products on her face every day but these are tough economic times - so before you raid the cosmetic counter you should know the secret to a glowing complexion is actually as close as the fruit and veg aisle at your supermarket.

"I think it's an absolute waste of money spending a fortune on really expensive moisturiser" says Karen Fischer.

According to nutritionist and author Karen Fischer, the secret to a healthy complexion is less about what we put on our skin and more about we put on our plate.

Starting with acne.

"Say someone with acne they quickly take out the saturated fat in their diet - have less red meat have more leafy green vegetables more of the things that are wonderful for the blood stream that can quickly make a difference" says Karen.

Karen's effective acne cure is as simple as eating greens, lemons, limes and avocado - three or four times a week. Cutting out milk has also proven successful with patients.

Actress Holly Brisley is allergic to wheat and gluten she followed the great skin diet for a more even complexion.

"I've had a lot of friends who have had psoriasis and it seems to of helped with their skin they're not as red" says Holly.

Common skin problem number 2: Eczema and other forms of dermatitis.

"You want the anti inflammatory foods, you want the fish, turmeric and other spices, and the red onion which has the most anti-inflammatory product."

We may try to avoid them on a first date but red onions are the secret to good skin and reducing redness and inflammation.
Now - the most common skin problem of all - wrinkles.

"Well these foods, tomatoes, berries even berry jam and water melon offer flavanoids that offer sun protection, they offer anti wrinkle protection for you."

It seems to good to be true but Karen believes you can reduce fine lines with berries, watermelon and sugar free jam. All contain anti-oxidants for healthy cells on the inside that will show on the outside.

Dermatologist Natasha Cook believes there needs to be more evidence on the anti ageing qualities of particular foods but agrees we could all benefit from more fish. "There has been a lot of suggestions about eating fish particularly those that are high in omega 3 fatty acids may provide some benefit overall to your skin but lets face it these foods that are good for you entire body."

Both Karen and Natasha support cutting out white breads and processed foods.

"There has been some evidence that being on a low GI diet can be good for skin conditions the main one being acne" says Natasha.

Now for some myth busting - like all chocolate causes acne.

"Certainly there is no significant evidence and the long term studies that they've done looking at chocolate and sweets - it doesn't make any difference whatsoever" says Natasha.

In fact dark chocolate can even be good for you - more good news
the rumours are true - red wine is also beneficial but keep it to a glass and a half.

"Certainly red wine does contain anti oxidants that may have some benefits to the skin one what we must understand is it's all about balance having small amount 1 or 2 glasses per night but excessive amounts can damage the skin" says Natasha.

"Your skin is the first sign that something is wrong with your health" says Karen.

Good skin is about being healthy on the inside - but there is one external factor that can ruin all your good work - if you want good skin there's no such thing as fun in the sun.

"The best thing you can do is wear sunscreen" advises Natasha.

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