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Hello Australia!

I’m back in Miami Beach. We are glad to hear you were so interested in the Today Tonight segment about Skin Type Solutions that was filmed while I was in Adelaide last week. If you tried to access the website earlier, you will have noticed that we had a technical hitch due to the huge volume of enquiries. I apologise for any inconvenience or frustration. We have now fixed the problem and activated your account, so feel free to visit again.

We have made the Skin Type Questionnaire available to you free on our website â€" launched first for our friends in Australia, ahead of any other country in the world. Enjoy the website and we look forward to your feedback.

Best regards,
Dr. Leslie Baumann

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Let's face it... when it comes to our quest for flawless skin most of us are willing to fork out a fortune.

World renowned dermatologist Dr Leslie Baumann should know, her book “The skin type solution” has helped hundreds of thousands of women, and men, get perfect complexions.

“Companies want you to buy a lot of products. They want you to buy an eye cream and a neck cream and a chin cream and a forehead cream and that's not necessary,” says Dr Baumann.

That's where most of us go wrong. According to Dr Baumann there are 16 different skin types and 80 per cent of us have no clue which one we are.

And that's how Dr Baumann's new skin type test can help, based on four main issues.

“So the first one, is your skin oily or dry, the second is your skin sensitive or not, the third is do you get unwanted pigmented spots on the cheeks and the last one is do you wrinkle or not?” asks Dr Baumann.

The skin test is a simple questionnaire that takes about 10 minutes to fill out and pin points which one of the 16 skin types you are and then you can purchase products that are very inexpensive.

For many men and women of all ages, the skin type test has been a real eye opener.

34-year-old Lindy Scott says for her it's dispelled all sorts of myths.

“I use a cleanser, I use an eye cream, I use an exfoliate, I use a mask every now and again, I use a moisturiser every day, then I use a sunscreen,” says Lindy.

Dr Baumann says it is not necessary to spend more than $35 or $40 on any one product and you should be doing three things in the morning and three things at night, no more.

As for anti-ageing, forget the miracle creams in a jar, instead Dr Baumann recommends applying sunscreen daily along with a little known secret weapon against those dreaded wrinkles called retinol. Retinol is the over the counter form of prescription Retin A and it will help with wrinkles.

It's hard to come by in Adelaide but we found this one at a department store for $49.

Dr Baumann says “it's not important to spend a lot of money on your skin, it's important to use the right products for your skin.”

Dr Leslie Baumann's Skin Test can be done at:

The Skin Type Solution book is available in all major book shops.